Special thanks to the brilliant crazy and talented artists i have had the opportunity to work next to and learn and grow with. To the my friends and family who are always there for me and who have believed in me, pushed me and inspired the best in me. Thank you. <3
Alchemy Art Collective - alchemyartscollective.com
Alicia Shultze - gypsyroze.com
Belkazan - belkazan.com
Cai Guo Quing - caiguoquing.com
Carlos Vera - carlosvera.com
Daniel Zetterstrom - anphoto.zenfolio.com
David Haskell - sculptordavidhaskell@yahoo.com
Do LaB Inc. - thedolab.com
Do Art Foundationdoartfoundation.org
Drift - www.drifttribe.org
Envision - envision.com
Jessican Holmes Photography - jessicaholmesphotography.com
Kucoon - kucoondesigns.com
Lightning in a Bottle - lightninginabottle.org
Lisa Soto - lisacsoto.com
Lucent Dossier - lucentdossier.com
Melvin Occasio - onehatonehand.com
Mike Russek - 1028designs.com
Nova Han Productions - novahan.com
Robert James White - fivefixedtwo@gmail.com 
Spin Cycle Events - spincycleevents.com
Stefano Novelli - stefanonovelli.com
Symbiosis - symbiosisgathering.com
Tucker Teusch III - Threepointo Inc.
Vita Motus - vitamotus.com
Urs Fisher - ursfisher.com
WTF - whatthefestival.com